Value Prime is a leading independent analytics research and equity analysis firm with decades of experience in quantitative financial modeling and analysis. We provide the following consulting services. For inquires or to provide your feedback, please contact us.
Research and Analytics Consulting

Value Prime Research & Analytics consulting provides qualitative and quantitative research services that are tailored to your specific requirements with customized content, formatting, and delivery schedules. Value Prime's specialized research solutions include:
  • Model development and analysis,
  • Customized analysis of industries, companies, geographies and markets,
  • Equity analysis and valuation modeling,
  • Risk analytics,
  • Competitive intelligence, and
  • Business Case Studies.
Sales and Marketing Tools Consulting

Our extensive experience in quantitative modeling and analysis enables us to provide customized sales and marketing tools which can dramatically improve your selling effectiveness and increase your company’s competitive advantage. These tools will be tailored to your specific needs with customized content, formatting, and delivery schedules. Value Prime’s sales and marketing tools expertise include:
  • ROI (Return on Investment) Tools,
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Tools,
  • Business Effectiveness Tools,
  • Web analytics, and
  • Business tools development.